How to Turn Your Home’s Exterior from Zero to Hero

Do you love the inside of your home but cringe when you think about the outside? Do you wish your home’s exterior better reflected the style and quality of the interior? Or perhaps your property’s exterior has been neglected while you spent time and money tackling other home projects. Sprucing up the outside can increase your property’s curb appeal and may increase its value, too. Here are some ways to take your home’s outside from zero to hero:



  • Trade out your old front door for a new one. This simple addition can change the entire look and even alter the style of your home. Choose a wood stain or painted finish, and select a door with window panes, sidelights, or leaded glass for a fashionable look and the bonus of increased light inside. Finish the details by selecting new door hardware, an attractive door knocker, and a colorful welcome mat.


  • A fresh coat of paint can change the color of your home’s exterior as well as help protect surfaces from weather elements. Choose coordinating or contrasting shades for the door and trim. To help select a color palette, paint samples on large pieces of plywood and position them outside your home for a few days. This will enable you to view the colors in the different lights and shadows that cross your home’s exterior during various times of the day.


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  • If your home doesn’t need painting, pressure washing walkways, driveways, steps, porches, and brick can help the exterior look cleaner and brighter. You can purchase or rent pressure washing equipment at many home and hardware stores or engage an independent contractor to do the work.


  • Old gutters that may be dented, discolored, loose, or in disrepair can detract from your home’s appearance. Installing new gutters can make your exterior more attractive while also directing water away from your home in a more effective manner. Many newer gutter designs also require less maintenance for an added benefit.


  • Walkways can complement your home more than you may realize. Changing the walkway to your front door from a straight shot to a curved or angular design can add interest and give it a custom look. The materials you choose can also make a nice impression. Instead of a basic concrete path, consider upgrading to brick or stone. To get a custom look for less, use concrete for the majority of the walkway and line it with another more upscale material.


Sprucing up the exterior of your home doesn’t have to be a huge expense. Making minor tweaks by changing some of the little things can make a big difference, too. For instance, consider changing your exterior lighting for something newer and trendier. Or, install a new mailbox, house numbers, or flower planters. Even hanging a seasonal wreath on the front door can help make your home warmer and more welcoming.