When to Introduce Sellers Coverage

HSA home warranties bring significant value and advantages to real estate transactions for both buyers and sellers. Bringing up the importance of home warranty protection is often second nature for real estate professionals when talking to buyers, but knowing when to talk about Seller Coverage may be less clear. Here are some examples of good times to introduce the topic:



  • Meeting with prospective sellers – When you’re being interviewed to represent a listing or meeting with clients who are thinking about selling their home, bringing up HSA home warranty Seller Coverage shows the caliber of service you’ll provide as their agent. Knowing that such protection is available can be very reassuring to sellers, and they’ll also see that you have their best interests in mind.


  • At listing – When you meet with sellers to sign contracts and go over the transaction process, explain how HSA home warranty Seller Coverage can help protect their equity investment while the home is on the market by offering budget protection for covered home system and appliance breakdowns. In addition to having a reliable repair solution to call 24/7 (helping to keep showings on schedule), they won’t have to worry about sinking money into a property they are leaving if covered items malfunction unexpectedly. Because the coverage extends to the new buyers at closing, Sellers Coverage can also provide a distinct marketing advantage.


  • Multiple offer situations – When you’re representing buyers in low inventory markets, you may have to get creative in order to win the contract when there are multiple offers. When buyers offer to purchase an HSA home warranty plan with Seller Coverage, their contract becomes more attractive when compared to other offers on the table. The buyer is less likely to worry about the age and condition of home systems and appliances, and the seller can enjoy home warranty coverage until closing at no cost to them.

How HSA Seller Coverage Works*

This valuable protection is available when HSA home warranty coverage is purchased for the home buyer. Payment is due at closing by either the seller or the buyer, including the plan fee and fees for all optional coverage selected the seller and buyer plans. Seller Coverage begins the day of coverage enrollment and extends for up to six months. If the home does not sell during the first six months of coverage, agents can contact HSA to request an additional six-month coverage period, which is at the discretion of HSA and may extend no longer than 12 months.


You can enroll clients in HSA home warranty Seller Coverage at any time during the listing period by going to www.onlinehsa.com or by calling 1.800.367.1448. To update closing information or obtain a copy of the warranty confirmation/invoice prior to closing, go through your Online Warranty Network (OWN) account at www.onlinehsa.com.

*Limitations and exclusions apply. Please refer to the HSA Home Warranty contract for complete coverage details. Coverage and pricing are valid in the states of Arizona, Nevada and Utah. Seller heating and air conditioning coverage is limited to $1,500 aggregate and seller swimming pool coverage is limited to $500 aggregate.