Ways to Effectively Market to Young Homebuyers

Whether you’ve got a listing that you think would make a great home for young adults, or you’d like to specialize in helping that age segment realize their real estate dreams, marketing to youthful homebuyers takes some special considerations.   Here are some tips:

  • Exhibit excitement about the real estate transaction process. Young homebuyers, and especially those purchasing their first home, are likely to be eager and enthusiastic. The last thing they need or want is a jaded, bored, or distracted real estate professional. Be positive, upbeat, and encouraging every step along the way.
  • Try to shield them from getting overwhelmed. Real estate transactions can seem complicated, especially to clients without much real estate experience. Try not to overload young homebuyers with too many details at once. Instead, break down the process into steps or phases, and walk them through each one.
  • Encourage questions. Let them know on the front end that you expect them to have questions, and that you want to hear them. Telling them that there’s no such thing as a dumb question may help them be more honest and open with you as the process unfolds. Set up appointments for them with mortgage brokers, bankers, home inspectors, home warranty providers, and other partners who can help them understand the process better. If possible, introduce them to some of your other young clients with whom they can relate and share experiences. It’s in everyone’s best interests if young homebuyers have a good understanding of real estate transactions and are comfortable with the process.
  • Young couples may be interested in school districts when they start looking at homes to purchase, so be sure to have that information ready. If you have a listing in a particularly desired school district, be sure to highlight that selling point in the description.
  • Couples and singles alike will want to know what restaurant and entertainment options are nearby. Develop a list or a map that points out nearby attractions or places where young people often gather. Be sure to point out nearby walking trails, parks, and gyms, too.
  • Public transportation and commuting times are often important considerations for young homebuyers. Be prepared with information about transit stops and research estimated commute times and alternate routes.

It’s always a good idea to suggest adding HSA Home Warranty coverage to transactions. Young homebuyers may not yet fully appreciate the maintenance that needs to go into home system and appliances to keep them running efficiently and they may not yet understand how costly some home repairs or replacements can be. They may also be stretching their budgets tightly to afford the down payment and monthly mortgage costs for their new home. An HSA Home Warranty can help protect their budgets and get them reliable repair solutions when covered items need service. If it’s a first home or if they are relocating to a new area, young homebuyers may not have trusted repair professional contacts, and they’ll appreciate the resources provided by the HSA Network.