7 Networking Tips for Real Estate Agents

Being a real estate professional means making the most of the the time you have. Since your workdays are often full to the brim with client appointments, showings, closings, and other related tasks, weekends may be the only remaining time that you have to network. If you find that is the case, here are some ideas for effective weekend networking:

  1. Designate only a certain part of your weekend for networking activities. You still need time to relax and to spend time with family and friends. Real estate can be stressful, and your downtime is important for recharging, which will help you to be a better real estate professional in the long run. If you spend a few hours at a networking event or activity, be sure to balance that time with some fun and relaxation
  1. Go to open houses. Introduce yourself to the hosting agent and have a look around. You’ll have a chance to meet colleagues and might see a listing that would be right for one of your own clients. Other agents will appreciate your support and the chance to get to know you.
  1. Get on email and mailing lists for area professional and industry associations so you can find out about meetings and events. Add those activities to your calendar right away and make attending a priority. Organizing carpools will help encourage you to follow through with attendance and give you the opportunity to spend some quality time with fellow agents en route.
  1. Host a weekend networking event yourself. Organize a pot-luck picnic, a softball game, or an outing and invite agents in the area to participate.
  1. Invite other agents to lunch or coffee. Everyone will likely have more time on the weekends for relaxing and chatting with fewer interruptions. Remember to turn off your phone so you can give your undivided attention to your colleagues.
  1. Find a volunteer project that appeals to you, and invite agents in the area to join you. Publicize the project via emails, websites, and through social media. Encourage everyone to wear t-shirts from their respective brokerages.
  1. Find ways to include family members and children in networking opportunities. Bring them along to volunteer activities or make social outings family affairs. Getting to know your coworkers’ families will offer a new dimension to your relationships.

In addition to agents, remember to network with other industry partners, too, such as the mortgage brokers, title company professionals, home inspectors, and home warranty providers with whom you work.  It’s important to build relationships with them, too, and these professionals can often provide industry knowledge, referrals and other constructive connections.