Washing Machine Routine Maintenance

Your washing machine uses up to 40 gallons of water with every load and wear and tear can keep your clothes from getting clean. So keep your washer working right with regular maintenance and make sure your clothes keep coming out clean.

Keep It Level

If your machine tends to vibrate the floor and walls of your laundry room grab a level and check to be sure your machine is even and balanced out.  If your washing machine is not exactly level, with all four legs on the floor, it may rock back and forth and vibrate strongly.It’s best to keep the machine as close to the floor as possible. The closer the machine sits to the floor, the less it will vibrate. The front legs are adjustable with a locknut or by winding them clockwise. Position the legs at the desired height and tighten the lock nut against the body of the machine so that the legs cannot rotate. Some models also have adjustable legs in the rear you can follow the same process for adjusting those.

Check The Hoses

Check your washing machine’s water hoses for signs of wear or weakness every month. A simple glace behind the machine will do. If you discover any cracks or blistering, replace the hose. Any damage could cause a leak or burst – and result in extremely expensive flood damage to your home. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the hoses every five years. For more peace of mind, use high-quality, stainless steel hoses.

Clean Inside

It’s common for detergent residue to build up inside of washing machine tubs. Use a cleaner about once per month to keep high-efficiency washing machines free of odor-causing residue. Don’t forget to clean out the fabric softener dispenser as well. Fabric softener tends to be sticky and can gum up the works. Use a damp rag and hot water to clean the dispenser periodically.

Clean Outside

Washing machines are usually surrounded with detergents and stain removers which can easily be spilled on them. Be careful not to spill soap or other products on the washer. The chemicals in these substances can damage the porcelain. If you do use a wet rag and wipe the machine clean.

In Use

Avoid overloading the machine even if it’s balanced to begin with this can throw the machine off. Use enough water for the size of the load and when washing heavier items, like jeans or towels, try smaller loads. Heavy loads put a lot of strain on the machine.

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