Quick Fixes – Air Conditioning System

Problem: Freon levels are low.

Under ideal conditions, refrigerant would not need to be changed or re-filled. Air conditioners do not use up Freon like cars consume gasoline. A low Freon level indicates a leak. Have a professional repair the air conditioner before adding more Freon. Most new system connections are built to minimize leaks, whereas many older units (8+ years) are more vulnerable to leaks.

4 Reasons you should get Freon leaks fixed

  • Increase efficiency of the air conditioner.
  • Prevent evaporator coil from freezing, which can cause it to literally ice up.
  • Deemed a hazardous substance if released into the environment, leaked Freon is dangerous.
  • Overheating and premature failure of the compressor, caused by low Freon levels over time, can lead to complete replacement of the compressor and the entire condensing unit, which is very expensive.

Problem: A/C isn’t working at all.

The most common reason for this is that there is no power going to the unit. Check the circuit breakers (reset if needed), fuses, and plugs. Make sure the safety switch is set to ON.

Problem: Unit is smoking.

The reason this is happening is because there is debris stuck in the unit. Clear the debris (particularly dry leaves, which are very flammable. Turn off circuit breakers, disconnect fuses.

Problem: Insufficient cooling.

  • Close blinds to prevent direct sunlight from coming into the house.
  • Make sure Chimney damper is closed.
  • Move any furniture blocking the vents.
  • Use a fan to circulate air, ceiling fans work best.
  • Limit oven use (cooking, backing and self cleaning).
  • Be sure the condensing unit is turned on.
  • Check that all air ducts are clear and remove debris from around the outdoor unit.
  • Check the thermostat (set to COOL), dampers (should be open), and the filter (clean or replace if necessary).

Problem: Fan runs, but no cool air is coming out.

  • Check thermostat setting – should be turned on, set to COOL. Replace thermostat batteries, if needed.
  • Clean or replace filter to increase airflow.
  • Check for power outage.
  • Clean all dirty condenser fins and clear any obstructions not allowing for proper air flow.

Problem: Water drips from outside the condenser unit.

  • Clean out the condensation drain line on humid days.
  • Clean vents on furnace filter. Clean or replace filter if needed.
  • Remove outside debris away from the unit.