Garbage Disposal Routine Maintenance

  • Always run the water while you are using the disposal.
  • Run the water for two minutes after you turn the disposal off to prevent clogging.
  • To keep your disposal clean and smelling fresh, run the disposal with a tray of ice cubes, slices of lemon or lime, and baking soda.
  • Alternatively, fill an ice cube tray half full of vinegar and half full of water. Freeze. Run the ice cubes through the disposal 2-3 times a week for a month. Running ice through the disposal keeps the blades sharp.
  • If you drop a cooking utensil down the disposal when it’s running, turn off the disposal immediately before you try to retrieve it.
  • If the disposal jams up, attach a disposal wrench to the bottom of the disposal. Turn counterclockwise until you feel the resistance lessen. Press the red button (Reset) on the disposal.
  • Never put your hands or fingers in the disposal.

Quick Fixes – Garbage Disposal