Picking the Perfect Furniture

For some people, the opportunity to furnish a room or a home sparks creativity and joy. For others, choosing furniture triggers anxiety and confusion. With all the furniture options today, it can be easy to get overwhelmed and fearful of making costly mistakes. Before you go furniture shopping in person or online, here are some suggestions that may make the process easier:



  • Know what you like. While you don’t have to necessarily settle on one particular style, knowing what appeals to you can help you narrow down options more quickly. Spend some time looking through design magazines and websites and save images of rooms that you like. Over time, you’ll likely see some commonalities emerging.


  • Know your budget. Sticking to your budget is important and doesn’t have to be painful. Rooms don’t have to be furnished all at once, so exercise some patience, and your decorating will actually benefit from having more thought put into your choices and more time to come together.


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  • Buy the best quality you can afford. Invest the biggest percentage of your budget in the furniture pieces you use the most. For example, that inexpensive couch may not be a good bargain if it sags and pulls apart in a couple of years. Learn how furniture is made and think about how it’s used in your home. Wait for sales or clearances to be able to afford better quality if necessary.


  • Choose sizes to fit the scale of the room. One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying furniture is choosing pieces that are too big or too small. Measure your room, and then measure where the different pieces will fit to determine the height, width, and depth that would look the best and be the most functional. Keep these measurements with you when you’re shopping.


  • Check for comfort. If the furniture isn’t comfortable, it’s not a good buy. Sit on chairs and sofas, lie down on beds, put your feet up on ottomans, and pull dining room chairs up to tables to see if they are the correct height. If you’re shopping online, see if you can find the manufacturer and style at a store near you to check out in person before you order.


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  • Choose colors carefully. While everything in your home certainly doesn’t have to perfectly match, it’s important to consider colors that will complement existing furniture, walls, window treatments, and floor coverings.


  • Avoid trendy big pieces. While it’s fun to be stylish and to have an updated home, remember that trends tend to come and go. What may be the rage in furniture today can look outdated in a couple of years. It’s generally a better use of funds to stick to more classic costly pieces and then have fun with fashion and trends by switching up accessories and smaller pieces.


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