Keeping Your Clients Ahead of the Real Estate Curve

Real estate clients buy and sell for a wide range of reasons, but often wish to take advantage of real estate cycles and trends, which many may refer to as the “curve.” Which side of the curve clients aim to land on largely depends on whether they are buying or selling, but most clients likely hope to take advantage of market conditions. How do you help keep clients abreast of market indicators? While even experts can’t always predict fluctuations in the real estate market, here are some ways you can help clients interpret indicators.




Help clients understand the main factors that drive your local real estate market and how your area has responded to economic variables in recent years. Are there certain industries that affect real estate sales in your area? What are the cycles that have occurred in the last five to ten years? Does your area usually reflect national trends or chart its own course? Looking back can often help clients better anticipate what may lie ahead.



Share facts and figures with them. Show your clients recent home sale prices and square footage sales figures for the neighborhoods that interest them as well as for your market as a whole. Point out any significant trends that have occurred in the last five years or so. This data can give clients a realistic picture of home sales prices in the area.



Encourage your clients to do their own research, too. Give them industry publications or provide links to real estate sources you trust. Helping them reach their own conclusions can be more helpful and productive than just sharing your own opinions.



One of the best ways to help clients understand real estate trends is to stay well-informed. Attend local seminars and industry events to gain information and to hear a variety of opinions. In addition to learning about your local market, pay attention to what’s happening nationally and internationally, too, to help anticipate market fluctuations that may result. Pay close attention to news that can affect mortgage interest rates and your local economy, which can have an impact on your market. Being knowledgeable and up-to-date on real estate news and the economy can help you communicate with your clients and explain market conditions.


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