How to Work with Timid Buyers

Successful real estate professionals develop the skill and empathy to work with a wide variety of personalities. While working with timid buyers can present a particular set of challenges, it can also be quite rewarding and can be the start of gratifying, long-term relationships. Perhaps your timid clients are first-time homebuyers who aren’t sure how to proceed, or maybe they’re intimidated by current market conditions or economic outlooks. They may just have naturally shy and retiring personalities and find it difficult to assert themselves in the often competitive home buying process. Here are some suggestions for coaxing nervous or shy buyers out of their shells:




If your clients haven’t owned a home before, or if it’s been a while since they made a real estate purchase, help them understand the transaction process and what to expect at each step. Your clients may need to learn (or may need a refresher) about typical timelines and what will be required from them. It may also be helpful to teach them about some of the newer technology available, such as electronic signatures and virtual tours.



Getting approved for a mortgage before beginning their home search or making an offer can give buyers much needed reassurance. With a firm idea of their approved price range, they won’t have to worry as much about exceeding their budgets or overextending themselves on a house they can’t afford.



Information about available listings, the housing market, comparables, and economic forecasts can offer bashful buyers concrete data for their decisions. Remember, timid buyers may not ask many questions, so it will be up to you as their real estate guru to anticipate the information they need to know.


Extra Communications

It will likely be up to you to take the initiative to communicate regularly. Timid buyers may be worried about bothering or interrupting you or may be shy about reaching out. Take the lead and reach out to them, even if you don’t have anything new to report. Just let them know that you’re there, eager to help, and working diligently on their behalf.


Encourage, but don’t push

It’s important to offer consistent encouragement and support to nervous buyers, but never to propel them into decisions or actions they may not be ready to take. Be patient, be persistent in your efforts to communicate, educate, and inform, and leave them to reach conclusions in their own timeframes.



Timid buyers may likely require a bigger time commitment from you than more aggressive, decisive buyers do. Prepare to spend more time at showings, appointments, inspections, and communicating. They may also need more time to process information and make decisions, so be sure to give them that leeway as well.


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