How to Get More Testimonials

You probably already know that client testimonials can be highly effective marketing tools. You may even have been influenced yourself when you’ve run across quotations endorsing products and services in your research. If you’d like to add more testimonials to your marketing materials, here are some tips:


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Ask for them.

Gathering testimonials is often as simple as letting clients know that you’d appreciate having their comments about working with you. The best time to ask for a testimonial is soon after the real estate transaction closes when the experience is fresh on clients’ minds and before they’ve gotten busier with other matters.


Send surveys.

After you’ve worked with a client, send them a satisfaction survey about their experience, and include a space to add their comments. In addition to gaining valuable feedback from your clients’ perspectives, you may receive some glowing words about the service you provided. When you do, contact the client, thank them for their words, and then ask for permission to publish their comments.


Provide online review links.

If you have a presence on websites that feature public reviews, make sure your clients have access to those links. This can make it easy for them to add their input and comments.


Use testimonials often.

When you include testimonials in your marketing materials, clients will understand that they are an important part of your business strategy and may offer to contribute their own. After all, it may have been one of your testimonials that convinced them to choose you as their agent in the first place. Once you collect a variety of testimonials, rotate them on your website and social media pages for maximum effectiveness to follow any applicable laws and regulations.


Offer extra-mile service.

If you want clients to say positive things about you, show them that you’ve left no stone unturned in providing top-notch service along the way. Adding HSASM home warranty coverage to every transaction is a convincing way to show that you care about your clients enough to include this important budget protection. In addition to having a reliable repair resource for covered items, clients will think about you and your service excellence each time they use their home warranty in the future.


Testimonials don’t have to be long-winded to be effective. Busy people may scroll right past lengthy comments. Some of the strongest testimonials are concise and to the point. If you receive a particularly long testimonial from a client, thank them and explain that space is at a premium. You’d like permission to edit down their remarks without making any material changes. They’ll likely understand and be flattered that you want to use their words.