5 Tech Gadgets to Add to Your Home

Whether you’re a technology whiz or struggle with the settings on your coffee maker, your household can enjoy the many conveniences and advantages of today’s tech advances. With changing technology, next-generation models, and new options are added seemingly every day. The choices can seem overwhelming. Which tech gadgets might be good investments for your home? Here are five ideas:



1. Programmable Thermostat

If you’re interested in keeping your home comfortable and saving on energy bills at the same time, a programmable thermostat is a smart choice. This popular gadget enables homeowners to pre-set home heating and cooling temperatures to suit their schedules. This means that you can turn temperatures up or down to correlate with occupancy, sleep hours, and weather. Some programmable thermostats are compatible with smartphones, letting homeowners check and change thermostat settings even when they’re away.  Programmable thermostats can be purchased at home and hardware stores, as well as online.


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2. Security Camera

Keep an eye on your home wherever you are with a residential security camera. You can choose from indoor and outdoor models as well as doorbell cameras. When selecting a security camera for your home, consider video resolution quality, smart compatibility options, and installation requirements. You’ll also want to decide what power source would work best with your home, such as battery, hardwire, or solar. Some models come with wireless internet connections, motion tracking, two-way talk, sirens, zoom capability, spotlights, night vision, and monitoring.


3. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers can pair with your smartphone, tablet, or other device, enabling you to listen to music wirelessly. When choosing Bluetooth speakers, consider portability, audio quality, volume range, voice assistant compatibility, and whether the speakers are battery powered. If you want to use the speaker outdoors, you’ll also want to check into water and shock resistance.


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4. Robotic Vacuum

Have you ever fantasized about elves coming into your house to clean while you’re gone? A robotic vacuum might be the next best thing. Using sensors and suction power, battery-powered robotic vacuums can “feel” their way around your home to collect dirt from floors and carpets. In addition to freeing you to do other things, robotic vacuums can often clean under some furniture and other spots that are hard to reach with standard vacuums. When choosing a model, look for suction power, brush width, automatic self-emptying features, and programming ease. Some models are WiFi-enabled so that you can control them from a phone app, and some are designed especially for picking up pet hair.


5 .Home Charging Station

If cords are stretched everywhere in your house, and family members have to vie for an open plug, a home charging station could be the solution. Giving you the ability to charge multiple devices at once, a home charging station is also a great way to corral electronics, decrease clutter, organize cords, and limit kids’ access at night. When selecting a home charging station, look for the number of ports, charging speed, and wireless models.


Before you make a tech gadget purchase, it’s important to do your research. Compare models and prices online, and visit stores in person to see and operate the gadgets for yourself. Ask friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues for advice and recommendations to help you make smart selections.