How To Find Resources in a New Real Estate Market

Suppose you’ve recently started selling real estate in a new market, congratulations! Whether you’re a rookie agent or a veteran, building business from the ground up is exciting and rewarding. One of the initial challenges you may face is establishing the resource connections you need to help you serve clients. It takes a team to complete a real estate transaction, and you’ll need to assemble a new one. Here are some places to start:




Ask your coworkers and agents for references and recommendations. With experience in the market under their belt, they likely have established their resources and will be willing to share their contacts.



Attend industry functions, association meetings, and partner events. As you meet people in your field and chat with them, inquire how set up their resource team. Ask about particular challenges in your market, and if they have any referrals they are willing to share.



Read trade publications and visit websites and blogs that originate in your market. Look for advertisements and marketing materials for real estate resources. Contact some of the businesses in the fields you’ll need and request information or meetings to discuss their service, fees, and practices.



Get involved in volunteer and civic organizations in your new market as soon as possible. Some of the people you meet may work in real estate industry-related fields or have friends and family who do.


Social media

Ask for recommendations on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. Encourage people to post recommendations and referrals in the comments or send you information in direct messages.



It’s a good idea to start with industry partners that have an established industry presence.  For example, HSA has helped protect homeowners’ investments for more than 30 years by offering valuable home warranty coverage to buyers and sellers across the country. With a reputation for service excellence, HSA home warranty is dedicated to making home ownership as simple and worry-free as possible. With knowledgeable, local Account Managers and friendly customer service personnel, HSA works with real estate professionals toward the common goal of creating customers for life. Since 1984, HSA has been helping real estate agents across the country provide the best transaction experience possible for their clients.


As you begin establishing your new connections, keep detailed records that include referrals, contact information, service offerings, online ratings, and your assessment and evaluation each time you use a particular resource. Being able to look back and review the data will help you form your core team of resource partners quickly and effectively.