Help Your Clients with Home Warranty Service Requests

When you help clients benefit from HSA home warranty protection, you’re going the extra mile to ensure their real estate transaction is a good experience. You’re also helping them at a very busy time when they may be overwhelmed with transaction details and the prospect of moving. That’s why they may turn to you for more help the first time they have a covered service request. Here’s how to walk them through their first HSA service experience:




  • An HSA home warranty plan gives your clients confidence that covered repairs will be handled by a qualified service professional. They don’t have to spend time and energy trying to find an available contractor or calling around asking for referrals. The knowledgeable, friendly HSA staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help schedule covered repairs so your clients can focus on other things. There’s no need to call a repair company – HSA will connect them with a qualified service professional.


  • Requesting service is easy. First, tell your clients to refer to their HSA contract to confirm that the problem is covered under their plan.


  • If the item is covered under their contract, your clients can place a service request online or call HSA’s 24/7 customer service toll-free at 800.367.1448. A Trade Service Call Fee will be payable at the time of service. If multiple visits are required for the same repair, your clients will not be charged an additional trade service fee. In most cases, your client will only be responsible for the trade call fee. However, some installations charges are not covered, such as modifications to fit a new system in an existing space, and additional charges may be incurred.


  • HSA will assign a local, qualified service professional to handle the covered request. The service professional will contact your client by phone to schedule an appointment time during normal business hours.


  • After diagnosing the problem, the covered item will be repaired or replaced. Your client will be responsible for any costs incurred that are not covered under their home warranty contract, such as non-mechanical items like windows, walls, and doors. HSA is not responsible for normal maintenance services, such as replacing furnace filters or periodically flushing water heater sediment. HSA is not responsible for repairs when a system has not been properly maintained, has been improperly installed, or has a pre-existing condition. Some of these exclusions may be covered in the upgrade package. Be sure to tell your clients to refer to their contract for coverage details, to reference the Limitations of Liability section in the sample contract, or to call the HSA customer service center at 800.367.1448 whenever they have questions.


To make service requests even easier, encourage your clients to set up an HSA MyAccount where they can access many membership benefits conveniently and quickly. With MyAccount your clients can view and renew their HSA contract, track claims, and more. If you have questions about setting up MyAccount or about service requests, contact our customer service center or your HSA Account Manager.