Cell Phone Safety

Although it’s part of the real estate industry, there can be inherent dangers in spending time alone in a vacant house with strangers. Here are some handy apps to help you feel safer.

PushtoAlert™ puts personal security in the palm of your hand. By simultaneously alerting the authorities and triangulating your current location, the Push to Alert app creates a mobile safety network that works where you are.

Guardly improves travel safety and peace of mind by helping you quickly reach security in case of emergency. It offers extremely accurate floor/room location detection—even indoors.

Real Alert provides quick access to emergency services with an alarm button to help ward off potential attackers. It also gives you the ability to record details about suspicious persons, quick-tap to call 911, and speed dial for your emergency contact.

SafeTrek automatically dispatches police to your location without requiring you to say a word. Simply hold the button when you’re worried, then let go and enter your PIN when you know everything’s okay. If you let go without entering your PIN, police will be notified of your situation.

ReactMobile alerts your custom contact list to your emergency with just one click. A phone app, ReactMobile comes with a clip-on that you can take with you when your phone is away: clip it to your keychain, purse, backpack or belt loop.

Safety first is a good rule, and with so many innovations reaching the marketplace, your safety is closer than ever. Take your security with you while you travel and show homes, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can access emergency services with the push of a button, just in case.