4 Ways to Update Your Digital Persona

Your digital presence is more important than ever, and now is the perfect time for some digital updates. Make sure that everything from your professional site to your social media is up to date. Here are four areas that you can re-evaluate today:

1. Website
In this day and age, the first step in researching anything, or anyone is an online search. If you don’t have a website, or if it’s out of date or inaccurate, potential clients may write you off. Take a look at your site through the eyes of clients and make sure that everything is current and relevant.

2. Social Media
This is where your clients will get a taste of your personality. But, make sure that it’s the personality that you want to put out there for everyone to see. Whether it’s your personal or professional sites, everything you put online is fair game for your customers, so make sure that you’re always putting your best digital foot forward.

3. Photos/Videos
It goes without saying that the photos and videos associated with all of your listings should be as up to date as possible. Buyers and sellers want to see a property in its very best light so double check that all of your images are accurate and that they are viewable from laptops, tablets and mobile formats. Nothing is more frustrating for your clients than trying to view a property online and your photos or videos not operating correctly.

4. Apps
Are you missing apps on your smartphone that can make doing business easier and more successful? One that can be a lifesaver is a business card reader. When a potential client, or business associate, hands you a card, be sure to scan it and you’ll always have it at your fingertips once it’s in your phone.

Once you’ve refreshed your online persona and updated anything that might be lacking, be sure to maintain and stay up to date moving forward so that the digital presence you display is just as professional as your actual presence.