When Should You Sell Your Home?

If you’re thinking about putting your home on the market, you may be wondering when the best time to list your home is in order to give yourself a better chance of a quick sale. While conventional industry wisdom suggests that spring and early summer are the best months to debut listings (due to families wanting to complete moves prior to the start of a new school year), this rule of thumb doesn’t necessarily apply to every market.

For example, if you live in an area with seasonal residents or visitors, it may make better sense to list your home during peak periods when the most people are in town to give you a bigger pool of prospective buyers. In some cases, buyers may be motivated to purchase homes at the end of the calendar year for tax purposes. Sometimes it may be best to list a home when inventory is low instead of during a particular season.

As for the best day to list a home on the market, a CNBC report cites a Redfin sample of 100,000 homes sold in 2017, which showed that Thursdays were the most popular day of the week to debut listings, and that homes listed on Thursdays sold faster. The same sample indicated that Sundays were the worst days to list.

No matter when you list your home, an HSA Home Warranty can help differentiate your property from others on the market and can help attract interest from prospective buyers. Adding an HSA Home Warranty to a property during the listing period may help sellers reduce out-of-pocket expenses they may have to pay as a result of covered breakdowns. When covered breakdowns occur while a home is on the market, HSA professionals can connect sellers with a qualified service professional in their area, often reducing the time, stress, and frustration that can accompany unexpected malfunctions.

An HSA Home Warranty can also be a powerful marketing tool for sellers. They can help listings stand out from others on the market and provide a critical competitive edge. HSA can give buyers more confidence in a property, too, because they know that their home and budget will be protected from unexpected repair or replacement costs of covered appliances and systems.

Another important advantage that HSA Home Warranties offer to listings is that they can help mitigate inspection issues on covered items as well as help prevent post-sale disputes. Should a covered appliance or system require service after the transaction closes, buyers will call HSA instead of the agent or the seller. Make sure your home has every listing advantage and that you have important appliance and systems protection during the listing period by including HSA Home Warranty coverage.