Ways to Stay on Top of Listings

Selling a home can mean a lot of moving parts for real estate professionals. There’s a lot to manage, anticipate, and remember. In addition to staying on top of your own tasks, you also have to make sure that the sellers are keeping up with their responsibilities and deadlines.



Here are some tips for organizing and staying on top of listings:

Launch list

Putting together a task timeline will help you get listings launched efficiently. Be sure to include the documents that sellers need to complete and sign, marketing materials, listing photos and videos, activating MLS, social media campaigns, and any open house plans.


Communicate with sellers

Make a schedule to ensure that you communicate with sellers on a regular basis. Even if you don’t have anything new to report, it’s important to touch base to let sellers know that their listing is a priority for you and you’re working hard to attract prospective buyers and make the sale.


Follow up

Getting timely feedback from agents and prospective buyers can be instrumental in helping you close deals. Knowing what lookers think about the property and what changes need to be made can help you, and the sellers understand why the listing may or may not attract the right kind of interest.


Page views/engagement

Keep track of page views, phone calls, comments, shares, and other engagement from websites, social media, and personal contacts to help gauge interest in the listing. A decrease in engagement could mean that additional marketing efforts or a price adjustment may be needed.


Area transactions

Tracking recent sales in your market can give you valuable data about sales activity and pricing. Knowing when a comparable home in the area has gone on the market or when a listing that’s similar to yours has sold gives you and the sellers insight into where the listing stands at any given moment.


HSA home warranties

The addition of an HSA home warranty can bring value and significant advantages to sellers and can help agents stay on top of listings. HSA coverage can help protect the seller’s home equity investment during the listing period by providing budget protection from out-of-pocket expenses for covered home system and appliance component breakdowns. After all, no seller wants to spend money on a home they are leaving. An HSA home warranty also offers a solution for quickly finding reliable service professionals for covered malfunctions, which can be especially important when showings are scheduled. Home warranty coverage also promotes confidence in prospective buyers and gives agents a powerful marketing tool and competitive edge. Such protection can even help prevent post-sale disputes because buyers will call HSA with covered system and appliance failures instead of going back to the seller or agent. For more information about how HSA adds significant value to real estate listings, contact your HSA Account Manager or visit onlinehsa.com today.