Spring Selling Checklist

In many parts of the country, spring can be a busy time for real estate sales. With warmer weather, gardens in full bloom, and spring-cleaning projects completed, sellers are ready to move, and prospective buyers are eager to close before the start of a new school year. As a real estate professional, gearing up for a demanding selling season can help you be more organized and productive. Here’s a Spring Selling Checklist to help:



  • Market analysis and comparable sales are important to have at your fingertips when you meet with prospective sellers. Presenting data and facts can help sellers be more objective and realistic about setting a listing price and what to expect from contracts.


  • If you’re prone to seasonal sniffles and hay fever symptoms, stock up on allergy pills recommended by your health care professional. Taking medicine regularly as directed can help keep you from being sidelined by symptoms and missing out on deals.


  • Be proficient in using the latest technology and editing software for listing photographs, video tours, and live showings.


  • Have ample supplies of printed marketing materials to pass on to clients and prospective buyers, as well as necessary forms and contracts that will need to be completed. Contact your HSA Account Manager for professional tools and marketing support.


  • Re-stock face masks, gloves, and anti-bacterial liquid soap to carry with you for Covid-19 protection. Even if you are no longer concerned about taking virus precautions, your clients may wish to have the protection.


  • Spring weather can be fickle, so make sure you have umbrellas and a jacket or another type of warm layer with you. It’s also a good idea to have disposable booties on hand if sellers request shoe removal at showings


  • Have cell phone, tablet, and computer charges with you, as well as earbuds or headphones.


  • Take inventory and restock, if necessary, your business cards, flyers, and brochures to give out to prospective clients and colleagues.


  • Keep non-perishable snacks and a supply of water bottles in your car in case meetings or showings extend past mealtimes. It’s also a good idea to have extras on hand to offer clients on busy days.


  • Update your vendor and partner lists before the spring selling season starts. You’ll want to include the latest contact information for each, as well as any changes to pricing structures or response timeframes.


  • While we depend on technology today for much of our record-keeping and note-taking, it’s still a good idea to keep old-fashioned pen and paper around for you and your clients to use.


  • A Spring Selling Checklist isn’t complete without HSA home warranty With important value and benefits for sellers, buyers, and real estate agents, HSA home warranties help protect sellers’ home equity investments during the listing period and may also help protect sellers from out-of-pocket expenses for covered breakdowns while the home is on the market. HSA home warranties offer reliable solutions for quickly finding qualified service professionals to handle covered malfunctions. HSA coverage can promote confidence in prospective buyers, giving agents and sellers a powerful marketing tool and competitive edge. For agents, HSA protection can help prevent post-sale disputes because buyers will call HSA with covered system and appliance failures.


For more information about HSA home warranties and how they can help with selling in any season, visit onlinehsa.com or contact your HSA Account Manager.