Remodeling Your Home While Raising a Family

You just bought your new home, and the back bedroom already needs an update. Maybe you’ve been in your home for a few years and it’s time for a change. Whatever your reasons, beginning a remodeling project is a big job—Will you be able to reverse anything if your teen changes her mind in 6 months? What about the nursery? Here are a few tips and ideas to make your remodel go as smoothly as possible:

Keep everyone safe.  Every parent’s first priority in a remodel situation is the safety of their children. If you’re remodeling a busy area (like the kitchen), Bob Vila suggests setting up a temporary space to use until the work is completed. Also, be sure your kids know which work spaces are off limits. For the contractors, Vila recommends a “no overnight tools” rule, and a central garbage collecting station. That way, kids won’t come in contact with any dangerous materials.

Create together. Save money and spend some quality time with your kids by creating artwork to display in the remodeled room. Not only will you be keeping them busy and out of dangerous work spaces, you’ll have something great to put up in the new room. Try painting on pieces of canvas or making dough sculptures. Check out our Remodeling and Renovation or Interior Design Pinterest boards for inspiration.

Use the room for dual purposes. Sarah Raskin’s nursery/guest room was featured on, where she successfully combined two rooms into one. To do this, she chose furniture and décor in one color palate that was also easily moved around the room. To accommodate overnight guests, she simply glides the crib into the master bedroom, moves a chair across the room and opens a Murphy bed. Other furniture easily hides baby accessories behind cupboard doors and in simple baskets.

Let them choose easily changed pieces. If you’re worried about giving your children complete creative freedom over their bedrooms, limit choices to items you can swap out easily, like bedding, pillows and curtains. For paint colors, letting them choose between 2 or 3 colors makes them feel like they’re in control, while you can still shape the overall look of the room.

While unexpected things can crop up in any remodel, keeping an eye on the prize should make the process worthwhile. Remodel projects can be fun—all you have to do is have a few ideas (and backup plans) ready. Good luck!