Real Estate Trends

As a real estate professional, it’s always a good idea to stay abreast of real estate trends and predictions since clients look to you for information and knowledge. While trends in your specific market may differ, staying informed about general national trends can be helpful, particularly if you deal with clients who are relocating from another area.

According to this article on, millennials and baby boomers will be active buyers in 2017, although for different reasons. With more new jobs on the horizon than for any other age group, more aging millennials will be ready for home ownership. This trend occurs just as many baby boomers plan to move as they enter their retirement years. also predicts that more people will move to suburbs for affordable housing.® forecasts that the seller’s market will continue, with the longest housing inventory decline in two decades. According to their data, there were 11 percent fewer homes on the market in June 2017 than during the same period the year before. This creates a challenge for home buyers and for the real estate professionals charged with helping them to find properties.

This sellers market just may spur a need for more housing construction, according to The article cites that the overall trend in house construction is up about five percent from 2015. The trend is expected to continue due to several factors, one of which is demand from buyers.

Real estate trends don’t always deal with economics. For example, according to, one hot 2017 trend is the increased use of drones in real estate deals.  Drones can be used for many real estate purposes, including marketing photography, visual home inspections, and even live social media postings.

One real estate advantage that weathers all trends is including home warranty coverage in real estate transactions. Whether it’s a sellers market, new construction, or a home for millennials or baby boomers, HSA Home Warranties are beneficial for buyers, sellers, and real estate professional alike. Homeowners enjoy comprehensive coverage and convenient service for covered items, and real estate professionals enjoy smoother transactions and satisfied clients.

  • For home sellers, an HSA Home Warranty helps listings stand out from other properties on the market.
  • Home buyers don’t have to worry about covered mechanical systems breaking down after closing with an HSA Home Warranty.
  • Real estate professionals benefit from HSA’s commitment to service excellence long after the real estate transaction closes, which reflects well on agents and helps build strong client relationships. In addition, if a covered mechanical system fails after closing, the buyer will call HSA instead of the seller or the real estate professional, which helps minimize frustrating post-sale disputes.

Real estate trends may come and go, but HSA Home Warranties remain a solid addition to any transaction. In addition to the many benefits of home warranty coverage, real estate professionals also have a valuable resource and partner through their HSA sales representative, who can help them with support services, seminars, marketing materials, social media expertise, and more.  Find your HSA sales representative here.