New Construction for Your Clients

Selling newly constructed homes can be a dream for real estate professionals in many ways.  Buyers are often excited about the latest floor plans and trending home features that newly built homes often offer. Clients are probably also happy about getting new home systems and appliances that don’t have any age or wear and tear on them.



Some buyers may be under the impression that home warranties aren’t needed for new construction, but that is not the case. Even if a home has been constructed by a reputable builder and has passed inspections, there can still be new-build issues that aren’t caught and that crop up after buyers move in. Even new systems and appliances can malfunction, break down, or be installed incorrectly. Homes can settle in unforeseen ways, which can cause issues, and fixtures can crack. There may be electrical, plumbing, or septic problems that aren’t apparent until the home is occupied.


It’s also important to check the fine print of builders’ new construction warranties. Some builder warranties only cover certain parts of the home. Additionally, such warranties may not cover appliance and home system component breakdowns that fail due to unexpected defects or normal wear and tear.


A new construction home warranty can protect against things that a builder’s warranty and homeowners insurance doesn’t cover and can help extend coverage as well. For example, an HSA home warranty can provide important protection for a range of unforeseeable problems such as roof leaks, electrical issues, or appliance and system breakdowns.


In addition to important budget protection for your clients, HSA home warranties provide access to reliable, qualified service professionals for covered breakdowns, reduced time and worry when covered malfunctions occur, and increased buyer confidence and satisfaction. When your clients need to use their warranty for a covered breakdown, HSA makes requesting service easy:

  • Clients can simply place a service request online or call the 24/7 customer service toll-free line.
  • A Trade Call Fee is paid per trade, and HSA assigns a local, qualified service professional to handle the covered request.
  • A service professional contacts your client by phone to schedule an appointment time during normal business hours and the covered items are repaired or replaced.


From HSA’s knowledgeable Account Managers to the company’s friendly customer service personnel, HSA works with real estate professionals toward a common goal — providing our customers with outstanding service and creating clients for life.

For optimal, comprehensive coverage for your clients, an HSA new construction home warranty is the answer. Be sure to talk to your clients about the value and budget protection that an HSA new construction can bring. For more information and materials, contact your HSA Account Manager or visit