Listing Step-by-Step: From Market to Sold

Congratulations – you’ve signed another listing contract for an incredible property. Now it’s time to find the perfect buyer, so your sellers can move on. To get the deal to the closing table as smoothly as possible, don’t skip any of these important steps:



Pretty As A Picture

Getting quality pictures online and in marketing materials quickly is a top priority with new listings. To get the best photos, enlist the help of the sellers to get the property looking its best. It won’t be a wasted effort as they’ll need to get the home in tip-top condition for showings as well. Remind them to remove clutter, clear out closets, tackle landscaping tasks, clean fixtures, freshen paint, and bump up curb appeal with flowers and a new front doormat or wreath.


Dynamic Description

The written description that you provide of the property should be more than just rehashing the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. To attract the attention of potential buyers, think about what makes the property truly special, and incorporate those qualities into the first sentences. Use powerful adjectives and strong calls to action to entice buyers and generate interest.


Virtual Tours

Posting video tours helps potential buyers get a feel for the home and whether it might be right for them. Try to format the tour in a way that helps viewers get an idea of the layout and traffic flow of the home. In addition to showing wide shots and different angles of the rooms, be sure to zoom in on interesting architectural details, views, or other attractive features of the property.


Clue In Colleagues

Send your listing link to real estate colleagues in your agency as well as to those in other companies. They may have potential buyers who would be perfect for your listing or may know of other agents who do.


Social Saturation

In addition to posting new listings on your own social media accounts, be sure to ask sellers to post on their platforms as well. Always invite family and friends to share the links.


Neighborly Interest

It’s a good idea to distribute marketing materials to neighbors in the area. They may have friends or family interested in moving into the neighborhood and would appreciate a heads-up about the listing.


Showing Off

Get ready for showings by letting sellers know what to expect and how they can help appointments go smoothly. Have marketing materials ready for agents and their clients to take with them, and be prepared to answer questions about the home’s history, utility usage, taxes, maintenance, condition of systems and appliances, and other likely inquiries. If you and the sellers plan to have an open house to kick off the listing, decide how you’ll publicize the event and assemble signs and balloons to attract the interest of those passing by.


Employ Every Advantage

An HSA home warranty gives your listing and sellers valuable advantages and benefits to set the listing apart from other properties on the market. First, HSA home warranty coverage can help keep sales on track by giving sellers a reliable plan for handling covered issues that may be discovered during inspections or that crop up while the home is on the market. Home warranty protection can also help protect sellers’ budgets from covered, potentially high-dollar system and appliance repairs. With HSA coverage, your sellers can focus on their next home and have peace of mind during the listing period while you can focus on getting the deal closed. For more information about value and reassurance that HSA home warranties bring to sellers, buyers, and agents, visit or contact your HSA Account Manager.


See the plan contract at for coverage details, including service fees, limitations and exclusions. Charges for non-covered items may apply.