How To Use Surroundings To Make Listings More Appealing

When you’re selling real estate, you’re selling more than the structure of a house. In addition to a roof, walls, and a foundation, you’re selling the location along with nearby features that can affect a buyer’s lifestyle. Attractions like nearby parks, schools, restaurants, public transportation, shopping, and entertainment can make a listing more desirable, but prospective buyers may not be aware these benefits unless you draw attention to them. Here are some ideas for promoting a listing’s surroundings that you may be able to use:


Neighborhood next to water


  • Make a list of neighborhood and area amenities that are within walking distance or a short drive away from the listing. Ask the sellers about particular places that they have enjoyed in the area.


  • Highlight these amenities and features in the listing description and include photos of the places in online listings. Keep in mind that prospective buyers who are relocating from other areas may not be familiar with the locations, so include a brief explanation along with each photo.


  • Talk about the surroundings during showings. Ask prospective buyers if they’ve ever visited nearby locations, or if they are aware of their proximity. For example, if clients bring children to a showing, you can ask if they know about the excellent schools nearby, or you can point out that the park around the corner is a great place to play in the afternoons.


  • Print out descriptions and photos of the appealing surroundings to have available at open houses, showings, and to send to other agents. Include a map with the locations marked, if possible.


  • Take prospective buyers to the locations. If a client shows interest in a listing, grab a cup of coffee or lunch at a nearby restaurant, take them for a stroll in the neighborhood park, or drive them by district schools. Seeing the actual locations can give them a taste of what it would be like to live in the home.


  • Mention surroundings when you get phone calls or text messages inquiring about listings. For instance, when answering questions about the square footage, number of bedrooms, and the price, you can also ask if the caller is aware that there are great restaurants nearby.


  • Ask buyers questions about their lifestyles. That way, if they mention where they work or what recreational pursuits they enjoy, you may be able to make a connection with a nearby attraction that would make the listing attractive to them.


  • Use surroundings to help target your marketing efforts. For example, if the listing is within walking distance to a concert hall, you might want to take out an ad in your local symphony program. If a listing is near a gym, ask if you can post a flyer on their bulletin board.


Looking at each listing as a package of house, neighborhood, and nearby amenities can help spark creative marketing ideas and may help you move listings faster. While you’re helping potential buyers learn more about the area, you may discover some new things to do and see as well.