How to Solve Your Client’s Home Buying Concerns

Part of your job as a real estate professional is to help soothe any apprehensions your buyers may have about the transaction process. You can do this by providing the information and facts your clients need and listening carefully, to fully understand their trepidations. Home warranties can also help address many buyer concerns, such as these:



Concern:  Affordability

One of the biggest concerns for many buyers is “can I afford a new home?” Encouraging clients to get a mortgage pre-approval can help alleviate those concerns and save them time during the escrow process. The addition of an HSA home warranty plan can also help clients who may be worried about already-stretched budgets being impacted by home system repairs or replacements after they take ownership of a home. A one-year service contract that covers components of many home systems and appliances when they break down, an HSA home warranty includes items that most homeowners insurance plans do not cover. When clients know they won’t be hit with unexpected expenses to keep covered items operating, they can rest easier.


Concern:  Relocating

Moving to a new area can be a daunting proposition for anyone. It’s easy to feel alone and unsure when you leave an established network of friends and contacts to start over somewhere else. An HSA home warranty can help your clients feel more at ease because they won’t have to stress about finding reliable help for covered repairs. HSA has a service network that includes more than 15,000 qualified repair professionals as well as a knowledgeable, friendly staff available 24/7 to help clients schedule repairs. When a covered breakdown occurs, having the HSA service network at their fingertips can save your clients the hassle and frustration of locating a reputable, available technician.


Concern: Closing

With financing, inspections, and escrow timing, getting the deal to the closing table can be a major concern for buyers. HSA home warranties can help streamline transactions and keep deals moving. When buyers know they’ll have a plan for dealing with unexpected, covered repairs or replacements that happen due to normal wear and tear, they’ll be more likely to proceed with confidence and be satisfied with their purchase.


While your clients’ concerns are always of paramount importance, HSA home warranties can help ease your concerns as a real estate professional. For example, the addition of an HSA home warranty plan can help reduce your post-closing involvement and lessen your liability and stress. If clients have a covered malfunction after closing, they’ll have HSA to call for help instead of contacting you. This can free you to move on to the next client and the next sale. Clients with HSA coverage are also more likely to be satisfied with your service, which can lead to better relationships, future referrals, and repeat business. Contact your HSA Account Manager, or visit for more information.