How to Sell to People Who Love Pets

It’s easy to spot pet-loving clients – they often have dog or cat hair on their clothes and in their cars. They may also be especially interested in home features that make life easier with pets. Here are some tips for selling real estate to pet owners:

  • Learn the names of your clients’ pets. Referring to furry family members by name lets clients know that you care about their animals and how they’ll adapt to their new home. Make it a point to remember breeds and any other information that your clients share about the pets they love.
  • Point out yard size, fenced areas, or neighborhood common areas where pets are allowed. Most pet owners will be interested in where their animals will be able to exercise and play. Look for good locations for dog houses or dog runs, too.
  • Research proximity to nearby walking trails and dog parks. Having access to these can be important selling points to pet owners. Your clients may also be interested in the location of veterinarian offices, pet emergency clinics, boarding facilities, and pet supply stores.
  • Ask if your clients have a preference about the type of flooring they’d like to have in their new home. Some pet owners may be concerned about shedding on carpets or about scratch marks on hardwood floors. Have a list ready of reliable flooring vendors ready in case a client would like to change out flooring in a property.
  • Find out if they plan to confine their pets to crates, fenced areas, or certain rooms of the home. This will help you choose which floor plans would best suit their needs.
  • For cat owners, consider possible litter box placement and access. Also point out storage rooms or areas that would be good places to store pet food, kennels, and other accessories.
  • Establish relationships with fencing companies and invisible fence suppliers so you can call on them if your clients are interested in properties where these additions may be needed.
  • Not all pets have fur. Birds, reptiles, fish, and other creatures can all make good pets. Ask about cage and tank sizes so that you can help your clients find good spots for their little friends in their new homes.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember when selling to pet owners is to treat their pets like family members. Inquire about them, show interest in them, and take their needs into account when considering potential homes. If possible, ask to meet your clients’ pets or at least to see photos of them. If you’re looking for a closing gift when the transaction is complete, consider pet accessories and toys, or even a donation to the local animal shelter in honor of their pets.