How to Keep in Contact with Past Clients

Staying in touch with former real estate clients is important for many reasons. Building long-lasting client relationships can help you capture repeat business and referrals. And, when you help clients through the real estate transaction process, true friendships often result that you want to continue. Here are some tips that can help you remain in contact with clients:

Keep your contacts list updated. If you get a returned email, or if a text message or phone call doesn’t go through, track down the client’s new contact information and record it.
Stay in touch with your clients through regular email messages. Pass along updates about market conditions, community news, homeowner information or just a message to say hello.
Invite them to functions, such as seminars, athletic events and social gatherings.
Stay in touch through social media. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn help connect you to clients and enable you to stay current on what’s happening in their lives.
Mailing holiday cards is great; but drop them notes through the mail at other times during the year, too. For example, if you hear about a special family event such as a graduation or wedding, a personal note from you during that time will mean a lot. Keep a supply of blank notecards and stamps handy for just such occasions.
On the one-year anniversary of closing dates, send your clients a congratulatory email or text message. They’ll enjoy looking back and marking the special occasion that you helped make possible.
Be active in your community. By participating in charity, school, church and community events, you will increase your visibility and you’ll be more likely to run into former clients and catch up on their lives in person.
Pick up the phone. Emails, cards, text messages, and social media aren’t as warm and personal as taking the time to place a phone call and chatting for a few minutes with people. Even if you have to leave a voicemail message, your clients will appreciate that you made the effort to call.
Keep past clients informed about what’s going on in your life, too. Don’t be shy about sharing professional accomplishments and awards, as well as milestones for you and your family.
Include an HSASM Home Warranty in your transactions. You can help safeguard your client’s budget by helping them cover major components of up to 21 of their home systems and appliances. Doing so can demonstrate you care about them now and long after the transaction closes. In fact, every time they use their HSA Home Warranty coverage, they are likely to think of you and be reminded of the good service you provided. For more information about HSA Home Warranties, visit or call 1-800-367-1448.
Don’t leave staying in contact to chance. Block out time on your calendar monthly or quarterly to spend time communicating with former clients.