Factors That Influence Buyers the Most

When you’re working with buyers, it’s important to understand what they want in a home. Knowing what boxes to check when considering properties will help streamline showings and move you and them closer to finding “the one” property that works for their needs. While every home buyer has different objectives and preferences, there are some common factors that can often influence real estate purchase decisions. Here are some of those:




Is the asking price within the buyer’s budget? If the home needs repairs or updating, will the anticipated selling price leave enough money for the work? Will the buyer be able to afford the associated property tax, insurance, utilities, and maintenance costs?



Does the architectural style appeal to the buyer’s tastes? Will their current furniture and accessories fit the design of the home? Is there anything the homeowner will want to change about the style?



How close is the property to your buyer’s work, schools, and activities? What will commute times be? Is the neighborhood desirable, and does it have good property resale values? Is it safe? Are there entertainment, dining, and shopping opportunities nearby?



Is the property in good repair? Does it seem structurally sound? Are there any red flags, such as ceiling leaks, doors that won’t shut, or rotting wood?  Are there improvements that need to be made right away or long-term?



What will the projected upkeep costs be for the property? How big is the lot? Is there a swimming pool to consider?  Are there a lot of trees and landscaping care? What type of flooring is in the home? Will the exterior require frequent painting?



How old is the home’s structure? What is the age of major systems and appliances? If clients are concerned about home systems and appliances repair or replacement costs, an HSA home warranty can help.  An HSA home warranty is a one-year service contract with budget protection for covered components of home systems and appliances when they break down due to normal wear and tear – items that most homeowners insurance plans do not cover.  HSA Coverage can lead to increased buyer confidence and satisfaction and can reduce post-closing involvement and lessened liability for agents.


To find out what factors may influence your buyers the most, ask in-depth questions about their top priorities in a home. Finding out this information early in the home search process will help save time and effort for everyone involved and can you get clients in their dream home.