Creative Ways to Get Back into the Field

After social distancing and conducting a lot of business over Zoom meetings, agents and clients alike are eager to resume in-person real estate operations. After all, real estate is largely a people business, and personal interactions are important. However, Covid-19 surges and breakthrough infections in many areas of the country may make it necessary to continue to take precautions. Here are some creative ways to get back in the field and back in business:



  • Have masks printed with fun images, quotes, or sports team logos to hand out at showings, open houses, and meetings. Or, keep a selection of masks in different colors and let your clients choose their favorites.


  • Purchase small bottles of hand sanitizer in bulk to give to clients and colleagues to encourage use. Keep several sitting out on your desk and in your car. At open houses, place the bottles in a basket outside the door with a sign asking people to take one and use before ringing the doorbell.


  • When social distancing requires you and your clients to ride in separate cars to showings, text them a link with the same directions you’re using. Make a playlist of songs they can listen to on the way to showings. Get creative with the playlist and include songs with house or money themes.


  • Keep folding lawn chairs and a card table in your car’s trunk so you can set up impromptu outdoor meetings with clients and colleagues when necessary. Visit local parks to scout shady picnic areas or other places where you could hold meetings with groups or dine al fresco.


  • Make a list of restaurants with ample outdoor dining areas for meeting clients and colleagues. Put the restaurant phone numbers in your contacts for easy reservations or call ahead seating.


  • If you’re concerned about large numbers of people gathering inside during open houses, set up a table near the front door with water, soft drinks, and snacks and invite people to make themselves comfortable while they wait to tour the home. Have literature available about the property that they can peruse while they wait. This way, you can control the number of people inside the home at once, making everyone more comfortable and secure.


As you get back into the field, it’s important to remember that comfort levels could vary among your clients. Some may not be concerned about in-person interactions while others may be hesitant or even scared. Take the time to gauge each client’s feelings and be sensitive to any concerns they have. Let them know what precautions you take as well as any alternatives they may have for conducting real estate business, such as virtual tours, electronic document signatures, and video conferencing.