Closing Gifts That Make A Lasting Impression

By the time your clients close on their new homes, you’ve likely been through a lot together. As you navigate showings, offers, negotiations, inspections, and financing, you build relationships and sometimes even friendships. In addition to being gestures of appreciation, closing gifts are the first step toward maintaining those important relationships for the future. By choosing gifts that make lasting impressions, your clients will be reminded of how much you value their friendship as well as their business long after the final papers are signed.

  • Here are some closing gifts that will last longer than a fruit basket or flower arrangement: If you think about it, a welcome mat just may be the perfect gift for a new home. Your clients will be looking forward to welcoming friends and family for visits, and previous mats may be packed away. Welcome mats can be used at front, back or side doors as well as at doors that open from the garage. You can even personalize some welcome mats with initials or choose colors that complement the house. If your clients have a favorite sports team or hobby, you can choose a mat that reflects those preferences.
  • Address labels also make great gifts for new homeowners. Seeing their new address in print is always exciting, plus the labels will come in handy for any change-of-address cards they plan to mail. They’ll think about you every time they reach for one to put on an envelope.
  • A subscription to a magazine or periodical will remind your clients of your relationship each time a new issue arrives.  Choose a publication that reflects a personal interest of your clients, or a home decorating resource if they have remodeling or renovation plans.  If your clients have relocated, a local publication might be a good choice to help them learn more about their new area.
  • A garden planting, such as a blooming shrub or small tree will bring beauty and joy for years to come.  This is a particularly good gift for clients who are avid gardeners, or for those clients who have bought homes that need a good deal of landscape work.  If you don’t want to give a live plant, consider a garden planter filled with flowers and greenery that can be placed on a porch or deck.
  • A cozy throw for a sofa, chair or bed will keep your clients warm and remind your clients of the part you played in acquiring their new home every time they reach for it.  Choose a color and pattern that coordinates with their furnishings or color scheme.
  • An HSA Home Warranty offers new homeowners valuable protection by helping to safeguard them from the expenses of covered mechanical and appliance failures.  In addition to the protection and convenience of home warranty coverage, HSA is known for customer service excellence, which will reflect well on you.  An HSA Home Warranty makes a practical, thoughtful gift that your clients will appreciate long after the deal closes.  For information or to order a home warranty, visit or call 1-800-367-1448.

Perhaps the best closing gift that you can give your clients is to simply stay in touch.  Give them a call or shoot them a text periodically to ask how they are enjoying their new home or how things are going in their lives.  Keeping in contact lets your clients know that you care more about them than about making deals.