Building Your Agent Provider Network

Experienced real estate professionals know that it often takes a village to sell a house.  Every real estate property and transaction poses different challenges and hurdles which regularly require the services of third-party providers and experts. That’s why it’s necessary for successful agents and brokers to build relationships with providers they can trust to serve them and their clients with reliability and excellence when called upon.

Here are some providers that real estate professionals should have in their network arsenal:

  • Home inspector – Many real estate contracts carry a home inspection contingency, and some buyers even request a home inspection before making an offer. Sellers can also conduct a pre-listing home inspection to help market a property. An inspection assesses the structure for its current condition, and home inspector licensing requirements and credentials vary by state. The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) may be able to help you find qualified inspectors in your area.
  • Home warranty – The addition of a home warranty can help make a home more marketable and buyers more comfortable in proceeding with real estate transactions. For example, HSASM Home Warranty coverage provides valuable budget protection from many of the unexpected breakdown expenses of covered components of home systems and appliances. HSA sales representatives also partner closely with real estate professionals to provide a valuable service resource and to help agents reach their goals.
  • Appraiser – Although usually hired by the lender to estimate a home’s value, it’s a good idea for agents to have a relationship with an appraiser or appraisers as their services could be needed in other circumstances, such as helping buyers determine the viability home improvement investments, or to help set selling prices if comparable market information isn’t available. Former clients might also ask for a referral down the road if they need a new appraisal for insurance purposes.
  • Pest control – In addition to completing termite inspections, a client may need a pest control professional if a home they are considering shows signs of a past or current infestation. Sellers may also require pest control help if a problem pops up during the listing period.
  • Mortgage broker or lender – If buyers don’t have a lender, they may look to you for a referral.
  • Roofer – If a roof’s condition is in question, a buyer may request a roof inspection. Or, if you have a listing that experiences roof problems while the home is on the market, your seller may need a referral.
  • Pool inspector – A home inspection doesn’t always include the swimming pool, so it’s a good idea to have them inspected separately before closing to see if there are any structural, plumbing, or equipment issues.
  • Home staging – Having a home professionally staged before listing it for sale can help boost its appeal and marketability. It can also save time for busy homeowners.
  • Movers – Home sellers and buyers alike may ask you for referrals for moving and packing professionals.
  • Painters – A fresh coat of paint can help make a listing more attractive, or a buyer may need a painting estimate or referral for redecorating or renovation plans.

These are just some of the professional providers that you will want to establish relationships with before you need their services. When choosing providers, be sure to ask about licensing, accreditations, professional association memberships, payment structure, service commitment/guarantee, and request references.

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