App It Up

As a real estate professional in today’s high tech world, you probably already use real estate apps to help you serve clients and stay organized. In addition to industry-specific tools, there are many general apps that can help agents navigate busy days and operate at peak efficiency both professionally and personally. If it’s been a while since you’ve upped your app game, here are some categories to consider adding to your arsenal:


Young woman wearing beige coat using smart phone standing near road with cars in city at spring day.



Take part in video meetings from a web browser when you can’t be in the office or at home. Being able to easily join meetings from a variety of locations can help minimize your travel time and optimize your work time.




Manage your money, check your accounts, and follow your investments with help from a financial app.




Find driving directions, traffic information and the quickest routes to listings, showings, and meetings with navigational assistance.!/



Fuel Savings

Find the best gas nearby prices wherever you drive quickly and easily.



Health and Fitness

For peak job performance, track your diet and exercise to maintain good health and a strong body.



Mental Wellness

A real estate career can be stressful, so make it a priority to care for your mental health as well as your physical health.




Stay connected by messaging and sharing information in a focused, efficient manner.




Before you head out for showings or meetings, check the forecast to find out what weather you may encounter.



Plant Identification

Answer client questions about plant varieties during property showings, or identify flora and fauna on walks, hikes, or in your own yard.



Meal Planning

For those days when you’ve been too busy closing sales to grocery shop or meal plan, food delivery or pickup can be just a click away.