8 Ways to Introduce Yourself to New Leads

You spend a lot of time and effort landing new real estate leads, so you want to make sure your next step counts when you’re successful. Making a great first impression can go a long way toward turning leads into clients. Here are eight ways to present yourself and your experience to new leads:


1. Direct mail

The most traditional way to reach out to new leads is with a mailed letter or postcard. The trick is to make your mailing stand out from others, so your introduction doesn’t get discarded. Make sure to mention your experience, niche specialty, or whatever differentiates you from other agents early in the direct mail piece. If you have to send a form letter or standard postcard, write a personal note to the lead emphasizing what makes you special and stating how much you’d like to work with them.


2. Email

If you have email addresses for leads, go ahead and send them a message. However, it’s important to follow up with another communication method in case your emails end up in a spam or junk file, and your lead never reads them.


3. Video

Sending leads a link to a video of you is a great way to personalize your appeal for their business. If possible, include scenes in the video of you in action, working with real estate clients and showing properties so potential clients can get a sense of what it would be like to work with you.


4. Social Media

Sending leads a message on social media can get their attention as well as give them a chance to peruse your past posts. Be sure to invite them to follow you and to share your information.


5. Phone call

Reaching out to leads with a phone call can be effective because you can leave a voicemail message even if the person doesn’t pick up the call. Keep your tone upbeat and mention why you’re the right agent for the transaction.


6. Text message

While some people are hesitant to answer phone calls from numbers they don’t recognize, they will often open a text message. Keep your texts brief and to the point, and respond quickly if leads reply.


7. Events

Introducing yourself to leads at social and community events can be an effective way to get new business. In a relaxed setting, you have the opportunity and time to present yourself authentically and to chat about your experience and abilities. You also have the chance to get to know your leads and find out what’s important to them.


8. Combination

For the best chance of getting a response, combine several introduction methods. For example, you might send a postcard and then follow up with a phone call or text message. Or, you might meet the lead in person and then send them some marketing materials.


However you choose to introduce yourself to new leads, be sure to let them know right away that you always go the extra mile for your clients. One way you can prove that to them is by explaining the value that HSA home warranties can bring to real estate transactions by offering important budget protection and a reliable repair resource. When leads see that you care about what happens to them after closing, they’ll know you’re the right agent to handle their real estate transaction.