7 Reasons Summer is the Perfect Time to Buy a House

If you have clients who are thinking about pulling the trigger on a new home this summer, they may be wondering if it’s a good time. While that answer can depend on many different factors, there are some advantages to buying a home in the summer. Here are seven of them:



  1. In many parts of the country, the real estate market is the most active during warmer weather, which means your clients may have more inventory and more options during spring and summer. Factor in sellers who may want to move before the new school year starts, and you could very well have more available homes to show your clients.


  1. School is out, often meaning a more flexible schedule for families and fewer demands on their time, giving them some breathing room to consider this important financial decision. It can also be easier for children to switch schools at the start of a new year when their classmates are also starting fresh. With time on their hands, kids may be more willing to help pack boxes and participate in the moving process, too.


  1. If listings have lingered on the market since spring or early summer, you may be able to negotiate better deals for your clients. For your clients who are looking to stretch their housing budgets, this may be a golden opportunity to get a good real estate buy.


  1. With more people enjoying outdoor activities, it can be easier for your clients to meet their new neighbors. New home buyers can also be out and about enjoying their new neighborhood amenities when the weather is pleasant.


  1. During growing season, you and your clients can see yards and gardens in full bloom and get a better idea of the health and condition of turf and plantings. In addition to seeing how plantings look in peak season, your clients can also evaluate what level of maintenance is required and what changes they might like to make.


  1. Your clients won’t have to worry about dealing with snow and ice when the moving van comes. In most parts of the country, it’s easier to move during warmer weather and easier to drive to their new location.


  1. Longer days, plus Daylight Savings Time, mean more hours for your clients to spend outside working or enjoying their new home. If the home has a swimming pool or an outdoor entertainment area, they can start using it right away.


Air conditioners are vital home systems during summer months, and a breakdown for your clients after move-in could be expensive, uncomfortable, and inconvenient. Including an HSA home warranty in the real estate transaction can help safeguard real estate clients from the expense of breakdowns of covered home systems and appliances during the real estate transaction process and beyond. When a covered item fails due to normal wear and tear, your clients will have access to a network that includes more than 17,000 service professionals to call for repair help. In fact, HSA’s friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to help schedule covered repairs. For more information, contact your HSA Account Manager or visit onlinehsa.com today.