5 Remodeling Trends to Consider

Whether you’re actively planning a home renovation or just thinking about remodeling someday, it’s smart to keep up with the latest trends. Knowing what’s popular among homeowners and home buyers helps you plan your renovation strategy to make improvements that reap the best return on your investment.  Here are five current remodeling trends to think about:

#1:  Millennials aren’t the only demographic driving home renovation trends.  Baby boomers are increasingly remodeling for accessibility or “aging in place” to enable them to stay in their homes longer.  That means making changes like handicap accessible bathrooms, making room transitions easier, and putting living and sleeping areas on the same floor.

#2:  Recent drought conditions plus concern for the environment have spurred many homeowners to look for water efficient products and features, from smart water heaters to water-saving clothes washers and dryers.  Look for ways to save water when you remodel and your energy bill will repay you for years to come.

#3:  Streamlined, contemporary kitchens with appliances that blend in are another hot trend in home redesign.  If you like that look, forego fussy details and traditional cabinets for a sleek, modern feel.

#4:  Today’s homeowners want smart home technology like programmable thermostats and remote security features.  Their motivation is not only convenience:  smart home technology can save on energy costs while making things easier for homeowners.

#5:  Pocket doors are making a comeback, and for good reason. They save space and enable homeowners to close off rooms while maintaining an open floor plan and feel when not in use.  They can also make furniture placement and traffic flow easier.

While it’s a good idea to keep re-sale value in mind when planning home improvements, remember that renovations should make your home more appealing and livable for you and your family.  So, don’t be afraid to customize your renovation with some of your own preferences, too, even if they aren’t popular in the mainstream.