4 Great Times to Add Home Warranties to Transactions

In your experience as a real estate professional, you’ve likely seen the value of home warranty coverage play out in real-time for your buyers and sellers. You’ve probably also enjoyed the benefits that home warranties can bring to agents by helping reduce your post-closing involvement and lessening your liability and stress. You know that talking to your clients about home warranty coverage is important, but do you know when that conversation should take place? There are four great times to add home warranties to real estate transactions:



1. Listing

Including a warranty at listing helps protect the home equity investment during the listing period. It may also help protect the seller from out-of-pocket expenses when covered breakdowns occur while the home is on the market. This could help prevent sellers from investing additional money in a property they are leaving. Home warranty coverage also gives you and your sellers a powerful marketing tool and competitive edge. Additionally, knowing a home is covered can promote prospective buyer confidence. Should a covered breakdown occur during the busy listing time, a home warranty’s network of repair professionals offers a convenient solution for sellers to find reliable help. Perhaps best of all, home warranties can help prevent post-sale disputes because buyers will call HSA home warranty, for example, when covered systems and appliances fail.


2. Offer

Including an HSA home warranty in purchase contracts can help smooth transactions and give your buyers increased confidence and satisfaction. In addition to helping protect their household budgets, home warranties also give your clients access to reliable, qualified service professionals for covered breakdowns, which saves them time and reduces frustration. Your buyers can choose to renew the annual coverage for continued protection while they own the home.


3. Negotiation

Home warranties can be effective negotiating tools if issues crop up during home inspections or escrow. The addition of a home warranty can help mitigate disputes and increase perceived value for the buyer. While a home inspection can help assure the buyer, an HSA home warranty can extend that confidence by helping protect parts of major home systems and appliances after closing.


4. Closing

Even if a home warranty isn’t included in the real estate contract, your buyers can choose to add one at closing to help protect their budgets from repair or replacement expenses for covered systems and appliances that break down due to normal wear and tear. Home warranty coverage can help increase client satisfaction and reduce post-closing involvement for you so that you can move on to your next sale. Talking to your clients about the benefits and value of home warranty coverage demonstrates that you have their best interests in mind.


Did you know that real estate professionals can enjoy the same home warranty advantages that their clients receive?  HSA offers agents a $50 discount on primary agent-owned properties, investments, or second homes, as well as on renewals of current home warranties. To take advantage of this special offer, simply call 800.367.1448.