2020 Summer Housing Trends

As sheltering-in-place orders were issued across the country during the 2020 Covid-19 crisis,  people began spending more time than ever inside their houses. This protracted time at home prompted many homeowners to look at their surroundings with a more critical eye, and to consider how the space could be modified to be more conducive to their specific needs. Many people even passed the time by completing long-delayed home improvement projects. This collective experience of staying at home for many weeks could affect summer housing trends and what prospective buyers want. Here are some trends that you might expect to see this summer:


evening patio area with open space kitchen and sliding doors


More interest than ever in kitchens

With time on their hands, many people gave increased attention to meal preparation and experimenting with new recipes. Social media was filled with photos and descriptions of gourmet dishes and elaborate presentations. This could translate into a renewed interest in kitchens as family gathering spots and in upscale appliances and kitchen equipment.


Minimalism in furnishings and décor

Clearing clutter and cleaning out closets was a prevalent pastime while people were in isolation, which could carry over into a desire for fewer possessions and a cleaner design aesthetic. Look for an interest in neutral color schemes and simple, unfussy decorating styles.


Outdoor living areas

With many recreational activities canceled and parks and gyms closed, people ventured into their own outdoor spaces for sunshine and exercise.  In many cases, they also had room in their schedules to spruce up gardens, lawns, porches, and patios. This may prompt increased interest in comfortable, spacious, outdoor living spaces where families can gather and play together. Outdoor kitchens, dining areas, and recreational activity spaces with room for basketball courts and play sets could be particularly appealing to buyers.


Energy efficiency

For many people, more time at home meant greater energy and water usage, along with higher utility bills. This could prompt summer buyers to pay more attention to eco-friendly features, like energy efficient appliances, tankless water heaters, programmable thermostats, alternative power sources, and other sustainable systems.


Spending more time at home can also put increased wear and tear on home systems and appliances.  Home breakdowns and malfunctions are an inevitable part of homeownership, and always seem to happen at the most inopportune and inconvenient times for schedules and for budgets. Adding HSA Home Warranty Coverage can help safeguard against the cost of covered repairs or replacements to major components of home systems and appliances that fail due to normal wear and tear. If a covered breakdown does occur, HSA’s experienced staff is available 24/7 to help your clients schedule a repair. For more information about the many advantages of HSA Home Warranties for home buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals, contact your HSA Account Executive today.