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How HSA Warranties Can Enhance Your Relationships

In addition to benefitting home buyers and sellers, HSA Home Warranties can enhance the relationships real estate professionals share with their clients, too.  While homeowners enjoy the comprehensive coverage and convenient service that HSA offers, real estate professionals enjoy smoother transactions, satisfied clients, and the kind of positive feedback that increases repeat business.  Here’s how:

  • When sellers commit to purchasing a warranty for the buyer, where available, sellers enjoy home warranty protection while the home is listed

  • Plus a marketing advantage that helps their property stand out from other homes that are for sale.  This protection and marketing differentiator reflects well on the real estate professional, helping to build long-term client relationships.

  • HSA prides itself on service excellence which continues long after the real estate transaction closes, reminding clients of the value of the service they received from their real estate professional.

  • If a covered mechanical system fails after closing, the buyer will call HSA instead of the seller or the real estate professional, preventing post-sale disputes and freeing the real estate professional to serve other clients and to close more deals.

  • With a lot to handle during a real estate transaction and a move, new homeowners appreciate not having to worry about covered home mechanical systems breaking down.  They also view their real estate professional favorably because of the reassurance that an HSA Home Warranty offers.

  • Through the Master Agent Program, HSA offers real estate professionals benefits to help support and grow their businesses, such as free live seminars, newsletters, webinars, online interviews, social media expertise, and more.

  • HSA also offers marketing materials, real estate coaching, social media resources, and more to help real estate professionals succeed.


HSA Home Warranties can play a key role in helping real estate professionals build the kind of long-term client relationships that lead to referrals, repeat business . . . and happy homeowners.  It’s easy to see why adding HSA Home Warranties to real estate transactions creates a win-win-win scenario for home buyers, sellers, which in turn creates satisfied clients for real estate professionals. 


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