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Pinterest and your home

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites. It serves as a large-scale bulletin board where users “pin” inspirations, ideas, and solutions. With the free app, you can virtually pin anything on the Internet onto your own organized vision board. Your page, unless you make it private, is available for millions of other users to view and be inspired by. Recipes, arts and crafts, DIY projects, fashion and funnies are some of the most popular pins.

Getting started is simple, by signing up for a free account. Chances are you already have several friends who are using it, and linking your Pinterest account to Facebook will give you access to all your friends’ pins. You can also search for topics, making it easy to find a specific recipe or project. Set up multiple boards to stay organized—you can establish one for each category of pins.

Take a look at your friends’ boards to get an idea of how you want to assemble your account. For example, “recipes” is a good generic board name, but if you plan on collecting a lot of recipes (and there are thousands upon thousands on Pinterest), you may want to create more detailed recipe boards such as “desserts” or “main courses.” You also have the option of “following” people or specific boards. Any updates will then appear in your newsfeed.

Pinterest is full of crafters, creators, and those who want to be. Pins range from the outrageously ambitious to super simple. You can find inspiring professional and amateur photos of projects, products, food, and design. It’s an excellent resource for easily reviewing decorating ideas and is a treasure trove of how-to décor.

Home ownership comes with plenty of maintenance and improvement. Once you have your boards set up, check out HSA’s Pinterest page for ideas and tips for your entire home.

With pins from resources all over the Web, Pinterest makes it easy to find and organize ideas for your home.

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