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How to keep real estate documents organized

Being a real estate professional can mean never ending piles of documents, notes, business cards and contracts. It can seem impossible to keep track of everything, but there are a few things you can do to keep everything straight.

Document everything. It may seem counter intuitive, but documenting small conversations and notes can help keep you on track. When looking back at your notes, you won’t have to wonder about gaps of time, or the order of your house showings last weekend. Recording these details can be as  simple as carrying a notebook in your bag. If digital is more your thing, there are great note-taking apps you can download right to your phone or tablet. You should also keep a copy of everything you’re given: receipts, business cards or notes from clients. You can even snap a photo and discard, if that pile gets too big. You never know when you’ll need these small items again, and you’ll be glad you have a record if you do.

Develop a digital workflow. Moving items online can help clear physical piles. There are so many online storage options, it can be tough to decide which to use. Consider using a transaction service, like Dotloop, to generate and store forms. Document-signing sites like Docusign allow your clients to electronically sign a dotted line in seconds, even from their smart phones! Between just these two sites, agents can create documents, get signatures and store paperwork, without touching a single piece of paper.

Make electronic copies. If you don't use a transaction service, you can still stay one step ahead of clients, with digital copies of documents. Here’s a simple way to make this happen: make a new folder on your computer with each new client. Document each interaction, and save digital copies of everything into that folder.  If a client ever contacts you for something months after a transaction has closed, you’ll be able to email it to them in just minutes, saving them time, and impressing them in the process.


By keeping notes on every conversation and transaction, making use of online document organizing tools and making multiple copies of everything, you can become that ultra-organized superagent that has every piece of paper at their fingertips.

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