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Valentine's Day Home Transformation

Things have probably quieted down in your home since the holidays but if you’re itching for a new excuse to decorate don’t worry because Valentine’s Day isn't far away! Here are a few easy ways to transform your home into a red and white wonderland.

  • Love Jar. Here’s an easy (and affordable!) way to show your family you care about them. All you need is a few strips of paper, and a large jar. Write special notes, happy moments or compliments on the strips of paper. Fold them up and pop them into the jar. On Valentine’s Day, dump out the jar, and have everyone read the good things you wrote about them.

  • Cupid Floats. Give your kids a treat this Valentine’s Day with Cupid Floats! Add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream and cherry 7-up to a glass or special mug. Add a strand of red licorice and enjoy!  

  • Front door decoration. Want to show your neighbors how much you love Valentine’s Day? Add this fun decoration to your front door. Simply scrunch up pieces of red, pink and white tissue paper, and attach to a cardboard heart background. Hang with pride! 

  • Surprise heart cupcakes. Imagine the surprise on your family’s face when they bite into a cupcake and see a hidden heart inside! These take a bit of an extra step, because you have to bake the small hearts first, then insert them into a vanilla cupcake for full baking.

For even more ideas, head over to our Be Mine! Pinterest page, and share your own ideas on Facebook!

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