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Organizing for the School Year

Every September, households across the country enter “new school year frenzy,” where papers fly unorganized and after school activities take up most of the time set aside for homework.

Here are a few ways you can stay organized, and keep your home in order this fall:

Paper organization system. You’ll first need to tackle any current paper piles you already have. This will make it easier when school papers start piling on. Hoosier Homemade recommends separating everything into piles. Hers included “boys,” “house” and “business.” But, yours should include any major categories for your household. Then, each of those categories is divided further into categories like, “documents,” “health,” “school,” etc. It’s often helpful to give each child their own file organizer, to keep everything separate and clear. Be sure to label each filing system, and you can even choose decorative file and boxes if you’d like. Then, each time a new paper comes into your home, you can file it right away!

Be prepared. You’ll want to set yourself up for success now, when school is still getting started, and cruise through the school year. Good Housekeeping recommends starting light—with alternatives to bulky binders: expandable files. Make sure your child can substitute different materials for what’s on their list. Often notebooks have tear out pages, which can be placed inside the file. This way, your student is only keeping exactly what he or she needs, instead of six or seven different notebooks. If you must purchase a notebook for each subject, you can use this technique for what you keep, after the child receives their grade. You should also buy common school supplies now, while they’re on sale, and store them for when your kids need them. Instead of making an emergency trip to the store for poster board, you’ll just have to make a trip to the closet for exactly what you need.

Have a lunch-making routine. If your kids take their lunches to school, you know how important it is to have the right items. To make sure each morning goes smoothly, Good Housekeeping suggests setting aside special lunch area in your kitchen or pantry. That way, you’re going to one location to pick out snacks, and getting exactly what you need. You can also prep the night before, and place everything (including the lunch box itself) into the fridge. No hassle! Another easy way to keep kids’ favorites separate is to color code their lunch containers. If each child has their own color, it’ll be easy to tell them apart when running for the bus.

We hope these tips make it easier to get up early in the morning, and send your kids to school. Be sure to check out more tips for all around your home on our Pinterest page

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