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Decorating for Fall

School has started, the weather’s a bit cooler and you’re probably trying to figure out how to decorate for the upcoming season. We’ve rounded up a few of the best ideas you can implement in your home today!

  • Fall candle centerpiece: This is a great way to show the spirit of the season if you’re on a budget. All you need are a few candles, fake leaves, string and burlap. Take a piece of string, and tie a few leaves around each candle. You can layer in a strip of burlap under the leaves, or just leave it as-is. By changing up the leaf pattern and candle size, you’ll have a nice display in no time! You can even move them around your home, from the top of the mantle to a centerpiece for family dinners.
  • House numbers on pumpkin: Here’s a great way to create an inviting autumn display right outside your front door. All you need to do is paint your house numbers on a pumpkin! You can choose any color to coordinate with your home’s exterior, and place it in a spot that’s easily seen. Place a few smaller pumpkins or gourds near it to fill out the space.
  • Pumpkin planter: These festive planters will last for months—and all you have to do is put a plant you currently have in them! Buy a few faux pumpkins that are larger than the plant you plan to use. Measure the base of the pot, and trace a circle that size at the top of the pumpkin. Place the flower pot inside the pumpkin, and set anywhere! If you’re planning to place them outside, you can even set them on top of another structure, to frame your doorway. The possibilities are almost endless.

BONUS! Here’s a fun treat to have with your kids around Halloween:

  • Halloween hot cocoa: All you need is a food coloring marker, marshmallows and your favorite hot cocoa mix. Draw fun faces onto the marshmallows, and dump as many as you want into a hot cup of cocoa. It’s sure to warm frosty toes after a day playing in the leaves!

For even more tips and ideas, check out our new Autumn Pinterest board.

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