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4 Networking Tips to Increase Your Sphere of Influence in 2014

In the real estate industry, networking is one of the most important facets of the job. A savvy real estate professional will use each and every opportunity to meet new people and connect with them to make future business opportunities.

Try these simple strategies to grow your sphere of influence and increase business leads:

1) Enhance Social Media Involvement: Look around on Facebook and reach out to friends of friends. Connect with local organizations, businesses and charities. Use LinkedIn to ask connections to recommend and endorse you through the site. Tweet meaningful articles, and ask thought-provoking questions.  The goal here is to have your name connected to as many people as you can, and leverage their networks to increase traffic to your own pages and website. If you need help setting up or completing your social media profiles visit our training section here. We also have video walk-throughs and webinars on our YouTube Channel to help you. 

2) Form Strategic Alliances: Creating an alliance with potential business partners in the real estate industry is a great way to boost your client list. Strike up relationships with real estate attorneys, mortgage providers and headhunters for local companies. Endorse these people when you see clients, create links on each other’s webpages and use their social media networks as a way to increase your own.

3) Volunteer: In addition to the good you can do for your community, volunteering is a great way to get to know new people, many of which may have deep roots in your community. Check around for volunteer opportunities at local churches, food pantries or community centers. There’s nothing quite like building good will along with a larger client list.

4) Meet Someone New: Take a walk through the towns or neighborhoods you cover and introduce yourself to those walking by, sitting on benches or enjoying a cup of coffee. Try to set a goal to meet 5-10 people a week and just offer a quick hello, hand them your business card and engage in some small talk. Just be sure not to annoy them, and be on your way without taking too much of their time. A small giveaway (gift card to a local coffee shop) can help cement the meeting in someone’s head.

Be nice to everyone you meet and don’t be too pushy about what you do. Before you know it, you’ll have the most connections in town.

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