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Mike Clear currently serves as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.  He was brought into the company in 1999 as  Chief Operating Officer.  He continues to be involved in all areas of the company as has served in roles ranging from COO, CIO and President before landing as the head of sales and marketing.

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Owning Our Mistakes to Provide Better Service

The home warranty industry, like many others, has its own seasonality. We are now in the busiest part of the season and handling more claims than ever before. A vast majority of these claims and service related touches are handled seamlessly in a timely and efficiently manner. However, sometimes our service doesn’t live up to its standards. For a perfect claim to take place not only do we have to fix the problem, but we have to fix it at the ideal time for our clients. While many organizations suffer through times like this we make it a priority to show our commitment to customer service and shine in the eyes of our customers and clients.

If we make a mistake, we need to make it right and make it right fast. We are still in a people business and our people are empowered to make a difference. It is the responsibility of the individual and the organization to “own their mistakes”. Taking responsibility for your actions, whether good or bad is pivotal to the success of our business. We take this very seriously. That is why we are confident to boast about our service. Providing a level of service that exceeds our customers and clients expectations is something we truly believe in. We care about them and strive to satisfy everyone. That doesn’t always happen as planned, but we will always do what we can to make it right.

Our reputation around service isn’t something that can be built in a day. It’s something that is earned over time by making customer-focused decisions every day. As part of our commitment to service, we have recently expanded our call center to decrease wait times. We realize that consumers have a much larger voice than they've had in the past and it’s our job to listen and respond. HSA has been actively handling complaints received through Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to make sure that no customer goes unheard.

Remember if you have a problem we’ll do our best to make it right. 

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