Helen Polito

Territory Manager - North Carolina

Helen joined HSA in June 2012 with over 18 years of experience in the home warranty industry. She also holds a Real Estate License in the state of North Carolina, where she was a real estate agent for five years. Have real estate knowledge helps her to stay current on real estate trends and to understand what is happening in your world.

Helen understands that purchasing a home can be a stressful time. Having a partner that understands you is crucial. In these times, Helen can be counted on to be timely, professional and give the advice that you need. She shares HSA Home Warranty's philosophy in wanting to keep clients for life. She intends to bring this philosophy not only to her real estate clients, but to homeowners as well.

Please call her at (704) 222-7585 or 1-800-749-1551 ext. 6072.

Helen would love the opportunity to meet you and let you know everything HSA has to offer.

Helen was born and raise in Charlotte, North Carolina, which is rare. She loves the South and especially the Carolinas. She went to the University of South Carolina, but still pulls for the Carolina Tarheels and Carolina Panthers. North Carolina has the best weather and only a few hours away from the beach and the mountains. People tend to be more patient in the South and take life at a slower pace.

I love nature and animals of just about all kinds. I have two Great Danes Bella and Jovah, and an English Bulldog Brutus Beefcakes. I also have five rescue cats and feed about every bird in the neighborhood. Nothing is more peaceful than hearing a bird sing in the morning and watching them build a nest and hatch their eggs. I enjoy hiking, especially if there is wildlife you can see.

I enjoy traveling and have been to Hawaii, London and Rome. I was in Rome when the Pope passed away and that was a life changing experience.

I am a Group Exercise Instructor at one of the local YMCA's in Charlotte and have been for eight years. I teach Pilates in the evening and some weekends. I really enjoy watching participants become healthy and more confident. This is a very rewarding experience for me!

I have been married for five years to a wonderful man. Unfortunately, he is from Pittsburgh, so during the football season I take second seat to those Steelers. I have learned to join him in his cheerleading, but not quite on the same level. He is the man that I had always wanted, and when I was ready, he appeared and I didn't wait.

Helen's personal goal is to be the best that she can be and striving to be of maximum service to others. This goes hand in hand with her professional goal because she feels if you are doing this, then all things come together and bring great benefits to all.

"Many of life's failures are people who do not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." -Thomas Edison


Bella - The Princess 

 Jovah - The Queen


 Jovah and Helen after a walk

 Our wedding day

 On our honeymoon in Hawaii

Why HSA?


  • 28 years in the home warranty industry 
  • No square footage limits
  • HSA guarantees fast, convenient and excellent service
  • Excellent contractors to better serve your clients
  • Competitive pricing and excellent coverage
  • Local sales representative with over 18 years experience in the home warranty industry