Let HSA Add to Your Revenue Stream and Save You Money!


Our current service providers have learned the secret that multiple calls per day at reasonable rates with great service will establish their business.  It sure beats taking just a few calls a day and charging higher prices just to cover overhead expenses.  By taking more calls and filling their schedules, they build and strengthen their business for the long haul, and keep their techs on the payroll and working steadily.

How does it work?

  • Grow your business  Leads drive our business and yours.  When you go on a call for HSA, you have access to a new customer, and potential referrals to anyone they know.  That can really add up!
  • Keep your techs busy Most homes experience at least two mechanical failures a year.  Thousands of homes have HSA home warranty coverage.  When you partner with us, you can pick up on this business and keep your employees working.
  • Promote your business to new leads  Add to your exposure with free leads from HSA.  Increase the likelihood they'll call again by leaving a magnet, sticker or business card with your company name and contact information when the job is done.
  • Receive consistent, reliable checks  HSA pays vendors directly for the work they do on approved claims, less the deductible, which is collected from the homeowner on arrival.  Working with HSA pays now and later with regular, timely checks for covered repairs and leads for future business.

It's common for real estate agents to follow up on claims.  They want to know if the failure was covered, what service was performed, the name of the service provider, and whether their client was satisfied.  If the agent is pleased with the outcome, your company may come up in conversations with the agent's other clients.  You could gain not just one great customer but many - all from one successful call and satisfied homeowner and agent!

Using HSA's connections, you can get steady work and a powerful network at the same time.  YOU benefit US by representing HSA with service excellence and a human touch.  WE benefit YOU by introducing you to customers you may never have met otherwise and we consistently pay you on time.