Are You Looking to Grow Your Business?  HSA Can Help!


Vendor statementConsider how much time, effort and money it takes for you to win one new customer. You might ask for referrals from your customers, friends, neighbors and family. You might pay for Yellow Page listings, internet and print advertising, mailings, and radio and TV ads, or call old clients to drum up business. For all the effort, how’s the return on that investment of your time and money?

HSA takes thousands of customer calls every day. When you partner with HSA, we refer them to you directly. You don’t have to make a bid and compete with other companies to get on the phone first. We make ONE referral per lead, every time. When that job is done, the customer will know YOU, especially if you leave a service sticker or magnet with your company’s name and number.

Benefits of becoming an HSA preferred vendor

  • Save time and money – Work with HSA, and your new customers and their referrals will be the best ads you never paid for.
  • Get a direct, no-bid referral every time – HSA offers direct referrals – no bidding against other companies.
  • Get in front of a new customer to make an impression – Partner with HSA to meet new customers, gain their trust and commitment, and earn referrals.

Do the job with great service and workmanship and they'll ask for you again, even if they don't renew their warranty.  Better yet, they'll tell their friends about you!  Make a good first impression every time you get an HSA call and you'll build your business, without spending a fortune just to get your name out there.  Let HSA and word of mouth work for YOU!