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Get ahead of your competition with HSA Home Warranty's Social Media Resources. We want to help you succeed and with social media producing almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC advertising it’s vital to the future of your business to get involved now. Below are webinars, articles, and slide shows provided free by HSA Home Warranty as part of our continuing education series on Winning Listings and Converting Buyers with Social Media.

Getting Your Real Estate Business To The Top Of Local Search Results With Google Plus

Today's home buyer will search online at some point during the home buying process. When they do it's crucial that your business and contact information show up at the top of the search results. Many people think that it costs thousands of dollars to have your name and business show up as a top search result but in this webinar you will learn a free and easy shortcut to get to the top of Google search results. Learn how to set up a Google Plus page that will appear at the top of local search results when a buyer is searching for homes or a real estate agent in your market. 

How To Integrate YouTube and Video Into Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Real estate professionals and brokerages are embracing video now more than ever before. If you haven't integrated video as a key role in your strategy for 2014 this webinar will give you a head start. Learn how you can win more listings and convert more buyers by using YouTube and video in your marketing.
Hosted by Real Estate coach and HSA's Chief Communications Officer, Burke Smith. We'll cover everything you need to know about setting up your own YouTube channel and creating videos that generate leads. Use the link below to watch and be sure to reach out to your local HSA sales rep if you want a copy of the slides for yourself.

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Winning Listings and Converting Buyers with Facebook

Watch (Part 1&2) Getting Started &Increasing Fans and SEO

Update: We have combined 1 and 2 into and updated version. If you're new to Facebook start here. We kick off this series from the very beginning with how to set up a Facebook Business page and the basic ins and outs of Facebook. Everything you need to start using Facebook to attract new leads is covered. Once you have your page set up it's time to grow your fan base, web presence and SEO by inviting your email contacts, setting up a custom Facebook url, and creating a Facebook link in your email signature. These simple steps will bump up your page on search engines and make it easier for your clients to find you.

Watch (Part 3) Monitoring the Social Word of Mouth

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People are always talking about your business and in the social world you need to know what is being said and how to join in on the conversation. We also go into more advance ways to differentiate your Facebook page by integrating your website and customizing all of your tabs.

Watch (Part 4) Reaching Your Customers (Edgerank)

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Edge Rank is the secret algorithm Facebook uses to determine who sees the content you're posting. Understanding how Edge Rank orders posts is the single most important factor for increasing your reach and the impressions that your page makes. 98% of your fans don't come back to your page to view your posts which means your only way of reaching them is in their newsfeed.

Watch (Part 5) Using Insights to Maximize ROI

Everyone is looking for ways to measure the effectiveness of their social media spending and the truth is Facebook provides you with more information about your page than you could ever dream of using. The hardest part isn't getting the numbers but sorting through this data to find the important insights that are driving engagement among your fans. Join us as we explore Facebook Insights to show you the number of people you're reaching on a weekly basis, the engagement score of every post you've made and much more.

Winning Listings and Converting Buyers with LinkedIn

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This session was created specifically for real estate agents and will review the best practices for using LinkedIn to generate inbound leads and increase your sphere of influence. In this 45 minute webinar you will learn how to:

  • Build your personal brand on LinkedIn to showcase your expertise, experience and credibility.
  • Implement best practices for updating your profile so that it serves as a selling tool
  • Increase your visibility and search rankings compared to other real estate agents

Using Google Plus To Get Your Real Estate Business On Top of Search Results

90% of home buyers start their search on the web. For small local agencies and brokers it's hard to beat out the nation wide companies that tend to dominate search rankings. In order to do so you need to us their size against them and unlock the power of Google Plus Local to jump to the top of search results. Find out how.


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How To Videos

We've complied an extensive list of videos that walk you through every step covered in the webinars and more. Check out our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/hsawarranty and select your topic to get started.

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