Quality Service is Top Priority


HSA is committed to quality service. Our philosophy, policies, and corporate culture revolve around providing the best experience for you and your customers, from the first call to enroll the warranty through the renewal process. It’s the people of HSA that make us different and better.


Our customer service representatives are trained in several different areas, so you may be able to have all your questions answered by one person. Fewer transfers means less time on the phone so you can get back to your day sooner.


HSA has a training and quality assurance program in place and has developed curricula to keep its employees sharp, leading to a better experience for our real estate partners and customers. 


We are committed to providing you with the best customer service experience, no matter what. Every employee knows that service is the cornerstone of our organization and we take that responsibility very seriously.


Our customer service representatives undergo extensive training to become accustomed to handling a vast array of different situations. With their deep knowledge of the coverage and scenarios they’re likely to encounter, members of HSA’s customer service team are often ready to make decisions without escalating the call to the manager line, saving you from dreaded hold times and the aggravation you may associate with other call center experiences.


HSA holds its customer service team to high adherence standards, monitoring productivity, attendance, established procedures, professionalism, and best practices. Our customer service team uses adherence standards as motivation to succeed and push themselves to accomplish more, whether that’s being on time for work or taking on another skill set. HSA employs three full-time trainers for the customer service team to ensure everyone is appropriately engaged and challenged.


Our customer service team is trained to remain calm and professional at all times, treating the caller with respect and understanding. Our team is committed to remaining fair, balanced, and level-headed. Though it’s not possible to satisfy every caller, we do try to help